The Little Retreat

Hair & Beauty Salon

⦁ Use the handsanitiser on the wall by the front door when you arrive and before you leave

⦁ Take a seat on the bench

⦁ Please do not touch the retail products, ask for assistance

⦁ Please wear a mask when you are in the salon, PPE is provided at an additional cost

⦁ If you are bringing children for an appointment, please make sure they remain seated

⦁ Arrive alone for your appointment

⦁ Social distance whilst in the salon

⦁ Do not come for your appointment if you have a sore throat, cold, covid symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms or Coronavirus or you have been abroad within 14 days

⦁ If you have symptoms within a few days of coming to the salon, please call to let me know

Thank you for your participation in keeping everyone safe